Frequently Asked Questions


You may book an appointment either online using our booking link to find an appointment date and time that works for you or call us at 305-635-1445. Convenient appointments are available throughout the week!

On average, each test will cost approximately $50, however, we offer reduced rates for panels. We offer hundreds of laboratory tests to choose from and the fees may vary based on the complexity of the test requested.

That will depend on the tests that we are providing. Most results will be ready within 48-72 hours.

Our facility is primarily a collection site only. You will need to speak to a physician or qualified medical personnel to make that determination.

Yes, but there is a consulting fee of $165 to speak with our physician. Our primary objective is to offer the laboratory testing at a reduced price. If you would like a consultation with our physician who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, please call us at 305-635-1445 so we may schedule a telehealth visit to discuss your concerns!


A Physical Therapist with extensive post-graduate training in Pelvic Health. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists specialize in treating pre and post-partum conditions, incontinence, pelvic pain syndrome, post-surgical conditions, pelvic organ prolapse and chronic pain syndromes such as lower back pain, SI joint dysfunction and coccydynia.

A comprehensive medical history will be taken and a thorough assessment of your posture, pelvic floor, hip and spine will be performed. An internal pelvic floor muscle examination which is performed intra-vaginally or intra-rectally may be recommended due to presenting conditions. This is not a requirement and can be declined or deferred at your comfort. Following this assessment, treatment recommendations will be made to include biofeedback training, manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

No, we are currently out-of-network. This allows us to provide one-on-one Physical Therapy sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for up to 90 minutes. At the end of each visit, an itemized bill will be provided to you so that you may submit the bill to your insurance company for reimbursement. Insurance companies will typically reimburse you approximately 40-60% of your total Physical Therapy bill. Please contact your insurance company to learn more regarding reimbursement for out-of-network benefits.

-Comprehensive Assessments
-Therapeutic Exercise
-Home Exercise Programs
-Manual Therapy
-Prenatal Massage

Please speak to your physician if you feel that you are suffering from any of the above conditions. They can diagnose you and offer treatment suggestions which may include Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. If still unsure if Pelvic Floor Therapy is right for you, our Physical Therapist offers free 15 minute consultations to see if you are a good candidate for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. Call us at 305-635-1445.

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